Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Chew Wee Seong

Appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of ML Global in December 2016, Daniel Chew Wee Seong was previously Chief Executive Officer.

During his tenure as Chief Executive Officer at ML Global, Daniel Chew Wee Seong had successfully improved the company’s market value, uplifting it from a Practice Note 17 to a fully profitable entity.

Graduating with a Bachelors of Finance from St. Cloud State University, USA, he then went on to do his MBA at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. His career began in the banking sector, where he remained for 5 years and became the Head of the Credit Administration Department. This opportunity provided him with extensive experience in credit processing, marketing, credit control and review, security and risk management and consumer banking operations.

He Joined LBGB Group in August 2000 and has since accumulated an extensive portfolio which includes customer service, maintenance, credit administration, property development as well as sales and marketing.